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Q-tips cotton swabs are the Ultimate Home and Beauty Tool with the most soft cotton at the tip and a gently flexible stick, perfect for a variety of uses


Qtips cotton swabs are the Ultimate Home and Beauty Tool. With the most soft cotton at the tip from the end of the stick to the top of the swab and a gently flexible stick, Qtips cotton buds are perfect for a variety of uses. Different uses for our cotton swabs include beauty (apply or remove eyeliner and eye-shadow), baby care (delicately care for sensitive areas), home and electronics (clean and dust hard-to-reach spaces), and first aid (gently apply ointments and creams). Our paper sticks are sourced from sustainable forests. Qtips cotton swabs are biodegradable when composted and our packaging is recyclable. Qtips cotton swabs are made with 100% pure cotton. The “Q” stands for Quality, something we’ve stood by since our founding by Leo Gerstenzang in 1923. We’re proud of our history, commitment to the environment, and legacy of softness and quality. Today, Q-tips cotton swabs are the leading cotton swab brand and have been trusted for superior quality, versatility, and value for more than 85 years. Our swabs are light and portable, making them perfect for on the go. Make sure to try our other products, including Q-tips Precision Tips and Q-tips Anti-Microbial Cotton Swabs. We’re also thrilled to announce our Q-tips Beauty Rounds, a premium quality cotton pad for a wide range of beauty needs.

  • Qtips cotton swabs 300 count have a wide variety of uses including beauty, applying/removing/touching-up cosmetics, household cleaning, arts & crafts, cleaning collectibles, and more!
  • Our Qtips Antimicrobial Cotton Swabs are treated to keep swabs fresher, giving you peace of mind when cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, and applying ointments.
  • These cotton q-tips are perfect for all your beauty needs. Get every detail right, from your nails to your lips to your face. Perfect swabs for touch-ups and DIY projects like manicures.
  • Qtips are also great for cleaning electronics, dusting between the keys on computer keyboards, and cleaning out phone ports, keeping you safe from battery corrosion on motherboards and hard drives.
  • Qtips cotton buds are handy for arts & crafts projects. DIY with q-tips cotton swabs! Apply glue to models, build your very own creations, or paint without brushes.


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