Bio-Oil Skincare Body Oil – 60ml


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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water: A multitasking essential for both morning facial cleansing and evening makeup removal. This gentle yet effective micellar water effortlessly lifts away makeup, dirt, and excess oil without drying your skin, leaving it refreshed and impurity-free. Discover the perfect match for your skin type among Garnier’s SkinActive line, designed with gentle formulas to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

  • Give your skin a break while stuck inside! It’s the perfect time to take care of your skin with Bio-Oil Skincare Oil. Made for all skin types, this paraben-free body oil for dry skin can be used to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and other marks due to surgery, injury, acne, aging, pregnancy, and more. This facial skin care product has a fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic formula that won’t clog pores which is why it is the perfect face moisturizer for women. It helps the skin to retain essential moisture to soften skin and provide dry skin relief. Bio-Oil has a wide variety of uses and can be used as a facial moisturizer, lip moisturizer and hair moisturizer. Bio-Oil is also an oil for hair and because of its deeply moisturizing properties, Bio-Oil makes a great hair oil for black women. Additionally, Bio-Oil is a hair oil for dry and damaged hair and a hair oil for women with all hair types. Bio-Oil hair oil for curly frizzy hair and hair oil for men moisturizes and nourishes hair. It’s truly a multi use oil that’s recommended by skin care specialists. Use Bio-Oil as a beard oil, cuticle oil, hair oil, scalp oil, face oil, lip oil, and nail oil. The toxicological profile, chemical structure, level of inclusion and total level of daily exposure of each ingredient used has been assessed and deemed safe for use (including for use by pregnant women).Bio-Oil Body Oil is one of the most used products worldwide to improve scars and stretch marks. With a unique blend of essential plant oils and vitamins, it not only helps to improve scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone but also helps hydrate, tone and soften the skin. It helps reduce the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy, teenage growth spurts, and periods of rapid weight gain. It helps improve the appearance of scars, but keep in mind that they won’t disappear, this means it will enhance their appearance. And it will also promote a healthier skin barrier, comforting and soothing the skin. All in all, it is a multitasking product that will not only comfort and nourish the skin but also enhance its appearance. Suitable for all skin types, you can apply it to both the face and body and even on sensitive skin.

    Main Ingredients
    Calendula and Chamomile have powerful healing properties. They not only comfort and soothe the skin but also help repair damaged and sensitive skin;
    PurCellin Oil™ makes the formula light and not greasy. It lends the oil a pleasant texture and ensures the benefits from vitamins and plant extracts are easily absorbed;
    Vitamin A helps improve the skin’s elasticity, texture and tone;
    Vitamin E has powerful antioxidant properties helping protect the skin from free radicals.

    How to use
    Apply Bio-Oil Body Oil twice a day on the affected areas for a minimum of 3 months. Gently massage with circular movements. Do not apply on open wounds. Avoid the eye contour area. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen in the morning. During pregnancy, use it since the beginning of the second trimester. During breastfeeding wash the area where the product was applied before breastfeeding the baby.


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